About Mahatma Mandir
Convention Cum Exhibition Centre


The complex site is spacious enough to handle swift movement of up to 15000 people.

Mahatma Mandir
The convention hall has seating capacity of 6000 seats undivided with VIP viewing gallerias.

There are 4 seminar rooms (3 with seating
capacity of 500 Persons each and 1 with
seating capacity of 1000 Persons)

Mahatma Mandir
3 Exhibition halls with column free structure and having Flexible, multi-usage, heavy duty floor area

Seven hi-tech conference halls and a modern meeting room

Four Seminar Halls
Double height atrium at the entrance

Multipurpose pre-function area

State of the art facilities for instant plug-in connect programme and building management services

Planning and Design
Mahatma Mandir

FLarge foyer housing ATMs, Travel Desk, Food Court, Photo Gallery etc…

Adequate parking facility for visitors, exhibitors and good vehicles.

All waste water treated & recycled for flushing, irrigation, etc.,

Mahatma Mandir
The planning and design is done as per green construction technology, through use of materials of construction, structural design and services.

Street lights on hybrid renewable energy

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