1. Please note, no nailing/pinning is allowed on the walls of the Hall/premises allotted to you. Any damaged caused to the property will be adjusted while refunding the security deposit.
2. Stage should be constructed in such a way that it stands independent from walls, RCC columns, ceilings etc.
3. Fixing of stickers/flex on any of the wall/s, glass door/s, frame/s is strictly prohibited.
4. The layout, design and construction should ensure that no damage is caused to the property i.e. no tempering and damage to the floors, ceiling, walls, RCC columns, glass etc.
5. Enough space for walk-way should be left for the movement of visitors, as may be advised by the authorities of Local Fire Service Deptt.
6. Cutting of trees is strictly prohibited.
7. Smoking and/or consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited in the premises of Mahatma Mandir Convention and Exhibition Centre.
8. The Event/Exhibition Organisers and their agencies/sub-agencies will have to follow the rules of the Local Government
9. Charges towards the consumption of electricity would be payable at actual. Therefore, please take the reading of the electricity metre while taking over possession. Also please take the closing reading of the electricity metre while handing over the possession. Failing which, the decision of iNDEXTb/M M authorities will be final and binding to the Event/Exhibition Contractor/s.
10. The deposit received towards Electricity Charges would be adjusted while raising the final invoice. Therefore, please ensure to take the reading of electricity metre at the time of taking over and handing over the possession, and sign the necessary papers in this regard.
11. Please inform the name and contact details of the person authorized to take over the possession and metre reading etc. work.
12. The charges mentioned in the proforma invoice are the estimates only. Area and facilities actually utilized would be charged in the final invoice.
13. No eatables are allowed inside the Convention Centre or any other hall/s and/or rooms thereof.
14. Cooking/Serving of non-vegetarian food item/s is strictly prohibited in any of the area of Mahatma Mandir
15. Tea/Coffee/Cookies are permissible in reception area lobby only, subject to prior approval.
16. Carpet/Cloth covering is not permissible to be laid on available modular stage
17. The arrangements for Octonorm systems, chairs, tables, dias, sound-system, film projection, potable water, and all the furniture item/s etc. will be made by the Organisers at their own cost.
18. Necessary arrangements for enough no. of fire extinguishers (of all types), fire guards, and other fire safety equipments, emergency lights etc., will have to be made by the Organiser/s at their own cost. The fire extinguishers should be directly visible and easily accessible
19. Any person/materials/exhibits brought in by the organiser and the exhibitors shall be insured by the Organiser/Exhibitors. The Organiser will have to take fire safety precautions, security and comprehensive insurance against all risks, including but not limited to any natural calamity /water leakage etc. during the period of the exhibition/event.
20. The Organisers will have to arrange for the security services at their own cost. The security Agency appointed by the Organisers should have obtained a Police Verification Certificate from the local Police. A copy of the certificate so obtained will have to be deposited with iNDEXTb for records before the actual deployment at Site.
21. The Organisers will have to obtain clearance/s and/or permission/s, in advance, from concerned Government Authorities before directly or indirectly exhibiting/permitting to exhibit/use any dangerous substance/s, chemical/s, drug/s, explosive materials, weapons, animals, insects, virus etc., which can cause direct or indirect harm to human beings or plants or animals or buildings. A copy of the certificate/permission so obtained will have to be deposited with iNDEXTb for records before the same are brought at Site.
22. Provision of First-Aid and medical facilities including Ambulance service should be made and arrangements will haves to be made by the Organisers at their own cost.
23. Utmost Cleanliness will have to be maintained in the premises allotted. No garbage/dirt would be left out while handing over possession. In case of any garbage left out, the same would be removed for which charges incurred, at actual, for the same will have to be payable by the Organisers.
24. The Officers of Mahatma Mandir Cell and the staff deployed by them will have the right to enter and visit the premises allotted to any event/exhibition organiser/s, tor inspection during the currency of event/s and/or exhibition/s.
25. Any irregularity/ies found during such visit will be reported to the event/exhibition organiser/s, who in turn, will ensure that such irregularity/ies are removed immediately and the same are not repeated during the entire course of the event/s and/or exhibition/s.
26. The Organisers will have to comply with the guidelines stipulated by the Superintendent of Police, Gandhinagar, vide their letter dated 21.10.2011. A copy of the said letter is annexed to the Guidelines for information of the Organisers and necessary compliance thereof.
27. The amount mentioned in the Proforma Invoice will have to be deposited within seven days, failing which the booking will be cancelled without any notice, and the area allotted may be allotted to any other party without issuance of any notice (written/oral).
28. In the event of cancellation/postponement of the programme (event) from your side, the amount received will not be refunded.
29. All payments to be made by Demand Draft drawn in favour of: "MAHATMA MANDIR – iNDEXTb A/C." Payable at Gandhinagar
30. Fire Safety Guidelines
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